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Photographer based today in Lyon, France. My fields are very numerous and to name a few: fashion, advertising, art, portraiture, architecture, events. But not only. Since the age of 7 I have been making images. First in analogue, then in digital and now in real-time 3D. Take a stroll through my pages to discover, a bit pell-mell it is true, some of my images. There is a mixture of images made for magazines, advertising agencies, communication. But also personal research like parallel worlds, portraits of actors who have become friends.

WARNING: All the images on this site are under copyright and in low resolution 72dpi to ensure maximum fluidity of navigation.

Images from “elsewhere”. Sometimes a mixture of landscapes “postcards” and architecture or simply interior decoration. Countries, regions, cities, apartments each time a reason to make an image to communicate or show.

Nature in details to rediscover the complex yet simple beauty of what surrounds us.

Images in the field of events: because life can be made of professional events or shows that we need or want to show.

Images Packshots from simple basic on white background to visual in situation and natural decor.

Fashion in all its forms: Haute-couture, ready-to-wear, series in B&W, in colors, fashion shows, backstages, beauty.

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