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The not so “mini” mini photo studio in Lyon

The “Mini Studio Photo” is based in Lyon, France. “Mini” is just a way of speaking: the studio allows you to take full-length photos and use one of the Jumbo umbrellas without difficulty. On the other hand, its equipment Profoto, Canon transportable and complete allows a very large number of types of shooting.

You will find all the details in the following chapters:

In studio but also in a place of your choice

The different shooting areas of the mini photo studio

Fashion advertising photo packshot rates

Retouching and Post-processing

Images for E-Commerce Website and Blogs

Delivery of produced images


Experience, references, organization

Conditions, warranties and regulations

In the studio but also in a location of your choice

The shots can be taken at your place where my equipment can be moved by limiting the additional cost to travel expenses. But also in the place of your choice, a hotel, a shop, in any place with an electrical supply. An estimate will be communicated to you for situations outside Paris where delicate.

The different shooting areas of the mini photo studio

The fields are multiple because the mini photo studio is above all the “photographer” spirit. If your specificity does not appear in the following list but you like my way of highlighting subjects, then consult me: my gaze is eager for new fields of expression.

Fashion :

Défilés / Backstage :

Portraits :

  • In studio
  • In the mood
  • Personalized staging according to your desires or delivered to my imagination.
  • Without or with make-up artist, hairdresser, stylist.
  • Style appropriate to the purpose of the image.

Corporate :

  • Production locations
  • Seminars
  • Management
  • Teams
  • Sales locations
  • illustration of reports
  • Visuals for internal communication
  • Photo montages in video format

Events :

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Party
  • Ceremonies
  • Concerts
  • Theatrical performance
  • Award or distinction

Some examples on the “Events” page

Landscapes :

  • Documentary
  • Touring
  • Artistic

Photo packshot fashion advertising prices

  • Budget in general:

Indicate your budget and everything will be done to offer you a solution calculated as closely as possible to your expectations, the difficulty of realization, the use and the development.

The estimate will take into account, for example, whether the object to be photographed is made of a reflective, matte or transparent material or whether it is a small or large series of very similar products.

  • Rates for retouching and post-production:

Simple touch-ups are included for free.

For work requiring complex retouching, post-production for special effects, the deadline and the budget to be expected will be optimized and are subject to a prior estimate …adjustable to your limits.

  • Delivery costs:

Delivery is free if made digitally. For any delivery on physical media, the estimate will include the additional cost of the material used.

Retouches and Post-treatement

  • Clipping with or without mask
  • Colorimetry
  • Framing or cropping for banner, press, catalog, display, e-commerce, smart phone, tablets, computers.
  • Web or print optimization
  • Repositioning
  • Scaling
  • Any type of retouching from the simplest to the most complex:
    • clipping on white background
    • transparency management
    • creation of files with multiple layers and blending layers
    • editing for staging in a visual
    • adding or removing shadows, retouching unsightly creases, smoothing texture
    • exposure, contrast, colorimetry control
    • dust and stain cleaning
    • imperfection of the skin, dark circles, hair
    • replacement, partial or complete deletion of an object, a character
  • Update to your formats: JPG, PSD, TIF, PNG…
  • Rename each file with your references

Images for E-Commerce website and blogs

Your images will be optimized for your E-commerce site in several formats on demand.

We can advise you on the type of image for your E-commerce site or your blog in terms of technical conditions but also artistic direction.

The “mini photo studio” can also create your banners, optimize your visuals in formats, styles, colorimetry.

Delivery of produced images

The images are delivered via a private FTP or by Wetransfer both accessible 24 hours a day</ p>

Secure and private links

1 year archiving of raw and final files


Estimate of production times, retouching and post-production during the quote. They are given as an indication, as close as possible to reality but depending on the difficulties can vary with an absolute priority to correspond to your requirements.

Example: 110 simple solids on a white background (without post production) in 24 hours.

To ensure Prompt Delivery by FTP or Wetransfer it is your responsibility to ensure that you have access to a fast internet connection.

Experience, references, organization

  • 30 years of experience in all the fields offered.
  • Many prestigious references that you will find in the portfolio.
  • Tailor-made teams for each project.
  • Lighting equipment adapted to each subject
  • Shooting with high-end, high-resolution equipment

Conditions, warranties and rules

Details defined during the quote according to your financial and technical requirements and your deadlines.

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